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This Week is All About Resin!

So... I started with resin years ago and made all sorts of lovely stuff and then it kind of died a death with me. I'm not just about jewellery, I love making anything and everything!

So, I had a play with it and loved the results but the resin is expensive to buy so it fizzled out.

Well now I've got to playing with it again and I'm back to making coasters along with initial keyrings which are great stocking fillers for Christmas and small gifts for teachers and friends. I love resin, it's so versatile, you can encapsulate anything as long as it's dry.

It's a laborious process though which takes days as you need to let each pour cure for 24 hours before the next one. To get visual looking resin it has to made in layers so that whatever you're encasing is kept to the first layer as it floats to the top sometimes, then the next layer covers all the lumps and bumps.

It's so satisfying and I've made some lovely coasters in the past. I've used paper clips, bottle tops, sand and shells, sweets... anything. Check out my coasters section and see the botanical and rose gardens. I also have some geode coasters coming soon.

This is a pour in a coaster mould where I've used transparent inks.

The yellow was poured first with the orange after which just pushes the yellow to the edges.

After that I mixed some glitter in the orange resin and poured that in the middle.

You can see on the reverse of the coaster in the next pics that the glitter sank to the bottom of the mould. This way you get a great visual coaster that can used both sides.

The other coaster in the background has a more kiwi look about it.

All are listed in the coasters section and are available at the time I'm writing this.

And no...they're not £20.00! That's just a random price tag that I've not tidied up in my messy studio!

This is the front of the coaster and so remind me of an orange slice or maybe grapefruit? Not sure but it looks good enough to eat!

Really juicy...

And this is the back where the glitter fell and created a mass of sparkles...

You can see a lot more detail on this side as well. Looks like the slice of fruit.

And so this is a little insight of the coaster making... I never know what I'm gonna get, it's always an exciting surprise.

Check out my next blog on the initials letter keyring, they are sooo gorgeous!!!

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