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About Me

Mandy Thornton

I'm a one man band doing everything from the idea and making to marketing and getting it seen.

It's full on, especially with working a day job in special needs and having a family life but I love it.

I handcraft all my jewellery from my little studio in the picturesque Lune Valley.

There's a wide variety of ready mades which you can view from the menu or

I can custom make you a specific piece if you're struggling to find what you're looking for.

Workshop, Jewellery by Mandy.jpeg

My Story

I started my jewellery addiction years and years ago when I needed to alter a cheap and cheerful necklace.

The end result was a bit rubbish but that was all it took...

I messed with beaded designs (and I still do) but I eventually moved on to using the torch, working with

Sterling Silver & Copper

and that's when I knew I'd found what I absolutely loved!

This very small business is a One Man Band, so it takes some time trying to fit everything in as a lot of it is spent online, but...

there's alot of love and passion that goes into everything I do!

I want you to be a happy customer so will always go out of my way and try my best to give you the best possible personal service.

Jewellery by Mandy handcrafts unique Sterling Silver & Copper Jewellery from her little studio in the Lune Valley.
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