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My Logo

I knew I needed one, but also knew that whatever I decided on wouldn't be good enough, I'd get bored and then see someone else's 3 months later and wish I'd have done something similar!

So with that in mind I decided to hold off spending money on a professional one and make do with a bodged one of a few different elements of designs I liked, thrown together.

I've had a few different logo designs since I started, thinking each one was pretty good at the time, they were cute and fit the theme I was going for but still no where near right.

This is my first one...

I wanted a shabby chic kind of look at the beginning which is alright and I liked at the time with its neutral colours.

I looked for a font that was light hearted and incorporated that into my banner that I still use today (but am updating it) although, now, this font does nothing for me.

I then started wanting a scribbly line effect in it somewhere and ended up with these heart outlines. There was no where to put my little black hearts though. It wasn't quite doing it for me still! It was lacking finesse big time.

And then, one day I was scrolling through Facebook and happened to see a very gorgeous logo on a friends timeline that she had just purchased for her new business venture.

I was straight on it and within a week I had finalised my new logo which to this day I look at and absolutely love whenever I see it. Absolutely no regrets at all.

I kept my scribbly lines, my black hearts, the feminine scrolly bits I was looking for, with an up to date and very classy looking 2 different fonts.

And to tie it all together, as I work with copper, the right colours are incorporated into it as well.

I just love the way the hearts and scrolls sit within the scribbly circles and the added little blingy stars to represent the sparkle of polished jewellery.

The font is so much more grown up and the whole logo tells you what this business is about and who it is. It looks so much more professional and eye catching.

It was designed by Stephanie Maguire...

I gave her my spec with all my fussy requirements and asked her for something round and sophisticated. We had a couple of amendments but the end result is something that I'm no where near bored with and so so happy. Here's her link...

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