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Memorial Jewellery / Ashes Jewellery

How do you feel about wearing jewellery that carries a little piece of someone that you have loved and lost? It could even be your pet who has been your companion for so long.

I lost my nana a good while ago now and at the time I looked into Ashes Jewellery or Memorial Jewellery and was shocked at the extortionate prices!

I received a request recently, about making a piece of Memorial Jewellery and it made me think... since starting on my silver journey I've always wanted to have a go at making something using Ashes.

So, I decided to experiment with my dear nana and I've got to say, I'm so pleased with the result... I think she'll also be pleased that she's out and about again! 😆

In this bezel set style I have simply placed the ashes behind the hematite gemstone. It could be yours or their favourite gemstone. This would be researched and a price quoted for you.

My first thought was... I can't get it wet... and I started out with that intention... but of course... I forgot to take it off in the shower... and washing my hands... and... it got wet!

The verdict...? It's absolutely fine! Yay!

Silversmiths have been using the sawdust method for years and years (this is where they use sawdust to pack out a wonky backed gemstone in this type of setting)

Years later, in order to alter or repair this type of jewellery, the silversmith would need to remove the stone and it's been found that the sawdust is still intact and still dry.

Imagine how many times some of these pieces of jewellery have been submerged in water?

If this is the case then the ashes are fine as well, and they're proving to be.

My next piece of Ashes / Memorial Jewellery will involve resin which has the ashes mixed in with it and can be any colour and also include tiny items such as flowers or glitter. It will also be in a different style and made for a man, so watch out for that one.

If you like this style of ring, then it can also be made without ashes.

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