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Initials KeyRings... Sooo Gorgeous!!!

Following on from my resin post, it's actually these little beauties I wanted to make.

They are perfect for small gifts... stocking fillers, teachers gifts and friendship tokens.

They are the same as the coasters as I can put anything inside of them along with flowers, sand and beach themes, glitter or just inks that swirl about and do their own thing...

Check them out in the Keyring section of my page and just a note that you can request pretty much anything you like for these but I will need a week to make them.

The letter O is made with alcohol inks and glitter.

Any colour combo can be achieved.

Oh, and check out the bubbles at the bottom... these are a no no in the resin world but I actually love them and try to create them in the pieces.

I think they look fab. need to figure out about getting them bigger.

The letter M has dried roses

encapsulated in the first layer.

The second layer is kept clear

with some subtle sparkle to

catch the light.

The letter F has some Blue Mallow dried flowers with some subtle glitter.

These are a few examples of what you can have.

I have been drying out my own flowers to use also, the sweet peas look amazing.

I'll use them for the bookmarks that are coming soon.

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