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A Happy New Year to YOU

I hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas considering our limitations.

I certainly have... it's been a lot less stressy to be honest not having to fit every family members Xmas do in! I'm of the opinion that we should spread these do's out to 1 every month, that way we see everyone on a regular basis rather than cramming it all in within 2 weeks and going back to work more tired than ever!

On the run up to Xmas I was very busy with orders as you can imagine so now I'm having a rest which I'm really enjoying in between taking the tree down, cleaning gutters and windows etc and also enjoying some fine, crisp walks in this glorious winter weather...

but I'm also itching to get back to it so...

As a thankyou for your support I'm offering these sterling silver heart stud earrings FREE with every order over £35 in the month of January.

These measure under 1cm in diameter with silicone backs and will be sent in a grip seal bag with your order.

They can be made to a shiny finish or a brushed matte effect.

If there is no preference shown I'll send what I have in stock.

Better get making some...

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