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Pocket Pebble, Pocket Tokens, Pocket Stone, Pewter Keepsake

Pocket Pebble, Pocket Tokens, Pocket Stone, Pewter Keepsake


These Pewter Pebbles have been hand stamped which makes them unique. I can’t stamp them perfectly each time so please be aware that you may receive the idd quirky one.

The pewter is poured by hand which makes each stone unique and therefore will have slight imperfections on the surface, which gives it a rustic look.

I sand these by hand before polishing them to a shine. The message is blackened to make it stand out. If this fades you can put the black back with a permanent marker of any colour and then polish back up with a very fine (0000) wire wool.

If you would prefer to customise your own pewter pebble then just drop me a message.

There are 2 sizes to choose from, small or large which will determine how many characters can fit on.


Your pebble will arrive in a pretty organza bag and shipped in slimline postal box.

It can be shipped directly to the address of the recipient and would make a lovely surprise gift for a friend or relative who needs a message of hope or motivation.

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