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Azurite Gemstone & Sterling Silver Necklace

Azurite Gemstone & Sterling Silver Necklace


This beautiful Azurite Gemstone is claw set in textured sterling silver.

Hangs on an 18” silver chain and gift boxed

Meaning: Azurite, often referred to as the Stone of Heaven, is a soft, prismatic crystal known for its vibrant blue color, and it symbolizes inner strength and emotional balance.

Healing Properties: This crystal is celebrated for its ability to remove physical and emotional blockages, enhance cellular repair, promote oxygen flow through the body and brain, and potentially aid in treating degenerative disorders and alleviating migraines.

Protection: Azurite is believed to act as a shield by clearing away tension and confusion, providing mental clarity and protection against negative energies and emotional stress.

Usage: Azurite can be utilized in various forms such as jewelry, placed in home and office for Feng Shui practices, and used in meditation spaces to enhance spiritual connection, communication, and creativity.

Care: To cleanse and recharge Azurite, it can be gently cleaned with mild soapy water and a soft cloth, and recharged by placing it under the starlight, ensuring it retains its healing and protective properties

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