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Fitting it All in!

Hi All... I don't know about you other small business owners but I sometimes find it hard to fit everything in.

I make my own jewellery... this means I love to spend my time actually making it but in order to get noticed out there I seem to spend a heck a lot of time at the computer sorting out pics, posting to social media, sorting the accounts, research, ordering and updating various platforms. After all, if you don't do this, no one's gonna see you are they?

I also have a day job, house and kids to see to plus other commitments with family and friends and it's important to have a good life balance. I do what I can but I'm always running to catch up, or at least I feel like I am.

I was asked recently when my next blog would be. To be honest, I completely forget about blogging!!!

So today, I've been up since 4.15am as I couldn't get back to sleep, so I thought I'd do an update and catch up on a few things. The sun isn't shining on the shed yet but here's a piccy of my space. Today's gonna be another hot one so I better get in there before it reaches 30º

The blogs will be a bit sporadic but follow me on my Facebook page - Jewellery by Mandy and you'll see my regular updates there which are almost daily.

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